A Message from the girl and her thumb

At the start of September 2009 I left my home in Brighton with an oversized backpack and headed out into the world.

Originally intending to go East, somehow it took nine months to reach Bulgaria: Hitchhiking through France and Spain… travelling in a van with my friend and lover Pete, up into Denmark, Sweden and down into Germany… getting a train to Hungary and cycling down into Serbia and up into Croatia… doing loop-the-loops with Pete again around the Balkans…and hitchhiking alone across Europe back to England, visiting friends, family and festivals and working out my homesickness.

November 2010 I left Britain for the second time, this time with a new-to-traveling Scottish David. We hitchhiked from London to Greece, where David departed and I spent three and half months travelling alone and with Smaranda, then several months hitchhiking and trekking around Turkey with Lisa, Sara and Claire <3

After several months back in the UK with a damaged ankle, I hit the road again in July 2012. Once again heading East, ever East… I finally made it to Iran after three years trying and had some.. interesting experiences. Now it’s time to hibernate a while and catch up on the blog.

I don’t make plans, or when I do, I change them regularly. I like to travel alone and I like to travel with others. I eat a mostly vegan diet. I am interested in “alternative” ways of living, radical ecology, free spaces, squatting, communal living and radical left-wing politics. My journey and the places I visit tend to reflect these interests and I’m always looking for people and places to show me new ways of being and where I can stay for a while, get involved and help out.

Join me if you like.


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