Failed Customer Service from Comcast XFinity Internet Service or the Lack of:

Today I want to tell you about my experience with Comcast Xfinity Customer lack of Service.

I have Comcast internet (Xfinity) in my Michigan Condo. I had selected auto-pay to manage the accounts monthly charges. Yesterday my son (who is at the Condo) informed me that the wi-fi was not up and running.

In September 2016 the wi-fi was working. Fast forward to June 2017 and the wi-fi is not working. So I called Comcast and spoke with one of their Billing Assistants. He was semi understanding but attempted to sell me a different package than what I have. We were cut off before completing the deal and he did not attempt to reconnect with me. I called back and was connected with a different Billing Assistant.

He seemed better schooled with the English language. And he seemed to appreciate my request for a 3 month credit as they could not or would not reveal any usage data. He referred the “case” to his Supervisor for adjudication.

They called me and let the phone ring twice. Then hung up.

I had their number and called them (Comcast). This time I had a surprise, a young sounding women took my call and following the sign in process, she accessed the case documentation. My request for  3 month credit had been denied. And the special bundle rate of $50 per month was no where to be found.

Suggestion: Unless you have no other choice I would avoid using Comcast internet service now known a XFinity.

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