Hannity Knocked out Melania Haters

Hannity KNOCKED OUT Melania Haters, Revealed THIS 1 Picture Obama Wants Hidden

Democrats and Progressives always deal in crisis and “gotcha” politics, especially on the federal level. And when they are saddled with an inferior candidate, that avenue of politicking becomes magnified.

The recent flare-up over two lines from Melania Trump’s RNC Convention speech is a perfect example. With absolutely nothing to do with the issues facing our nation – or the way a Trump Administration would handle those issues, the Left tried to manufacture a crisis of “plagiarism” targeting Mrs. Trump. But an infographic posted on Sean Hannity’s Facebook page not only proves the Democrats and Progressives to be hypocritical, it proves that they ignore it when they are guilty.

The truth is, Melania’s speech draws from the same sentiments used by First Ladies and prospective First Ladies going all the way back to the first time spouses were tapped to speak at political conventions. On the flip side, Democrats and Progressives lift verbiage all the time.

The infographic shows four panels, each dedicated to a major player in the Obama Administration. Included in the four panels are President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Vice President Joe Biden.

The first panel, containing Barack Obama, indicates that he lifted whole speeches from Massachusetts Governor Duval Patrick during his 2007 presidential campaign. Mr. Obama didn’t just lift the words from Duval once, he lifted them repeatedly, coopting them as his own. In an interview late in the campaign, Patrick came forward and literally said the plagiarism was acceptable.

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