I am an American…….

I am an American and damn proud of it…

My eyes were truly opened, during the 2016 presidential campaign. Initially, my support leaned towards Carson or Cruz. I watched every debate. Trump was entertaining but I found it difficult to take him seriously. To my amazement, candidate after candidate dropped out of the race. I was baffled. I then realized something bigger was going on. I started paying attention to Trump and I saw that his entire platform was built on his love for this country and the great people who built it. Of course the Democrats attacked him at every turn but I was shocked to see most of the Republicans attack him as well. And the better he did in the polls, the more both sides attacked him. And the bigger the crowds grew at his rallies, the more both sides attacked him. It didn’t stop there though. The media also attacked him. Hollywood also attacked him. They were relentless and vicious.

I’d never in my lifetime had seen anything like it. I wondered, why were they all so threatened? Despite all his money and his celebrity, he clearly wasn’t one of them. He stood alone against them… and he was winning. It all became crystal clear. The fight wasn’t Democrat vs. Republican. It was the Establishment vs. the People. It wasn’t Trump that they hated, it was us…

I proudly voted for Trump, not as a Republican but as a Patriot. I was elated the night he won the election realizing I wasn’t alone.

God bless everyone here whose eyes were opened. You are all incredible, beautiful Patriots! And may God continue to bless and protect our President, his family, his loyal supporters and our great nation.

This pretty well says it all……………..Let’s make it go VIRAL by copying and pasting it on your timeline and sending it to all your friends.

Reprinted from a Face Book posting. But it reflects my feeling to a “T”

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