Little girls should read this. Life’s lesson.

I was at Wal-Mart and this little girl, she looked about 5, was sitting in the cart mean mugging me like I kicked her puppy. Being the person I am, because you know I love kids, I smile & wave. This demon child just rolled her eyes at me. So you know me, I’m not about to be played by some mean little girl, so I walk over to her mom and ask her if I can give her some candy and she said ok. I told the little girl to put it in her pocket and save it for later. She snatched it from me and greedily stuck it in her pocket, sucked her thumb and didn’t even say thank you. I walked away and headed over to the manager and told him the little girl was stealing M&M’s. The manager thanked me walked over to them and asked them to empty their pockets. I then looked at the little girl, flipped her off and walked out of the store like a boss. I don’t regret sharing because you all know I really wouldn’t do anything like this. Feel free to copy and paste so you can make others laugh. 

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