Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 7.57.23 PMRefresh your memory for just a minute and go back to August of 2014.

That was  when 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot in the streets of St. Louis by a white police officer. After he was shot and killed President Obama decided he absolutely must get on his soapbox and wax eloquently about the demise of the young man.

Knowing nothing about him and long before the forensic evidence was in Obama pouted and said Americans need to wisen up to racist tendencies still alive here in the U.S.

Of course he decided to highlight the racial tension he feels and that every black American feels when they’re around white police officers without even knowing if the shooting was justified or not (it was).

And of course when Treyvon Martin was killed in an act of self-defense back in 2012 Obama opted to inject himself into the situation on a personal level, claiming Martin could have been his son.

Truth is he’s gone to bat time and time again for black males killed by the police, even when those men had criminal records or were known for their thuggish behavior.

But when a white police officer is executed filling up his gas tank with 13 shots to the back by a racist black man he says nothing.

Actually it’s worse than that.

Not only does he ignore the egregious act of racism, he goes off to promote himself.

As reported by CNN:

While on his three-day trip to Alaska — aimed at promoting climate change action — President Barack Obama will tape an episode of “Running Wild with Bear Grylls,” NBC and the White House announced Monday.

The President will “trek through the wilderness” with survival expert Grylls, in the special edition of the show, set to air later this year according to a press release.

Celebrities including Kate Winslet, Channing Tatum and Drew Brees have participated in the show featuring one-on-one adventures.

That’s right, Obama hogs the national spotlight to let everyone know he’s on a reality TV show.

Could he be anymore vain?

A reasonable and just response would be to denounce the obvious racism espoused by the Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM) and to send condolences to the family.

At the very least he should send a message to BLM and let them know this activity is inexcusable.

There’s plenty of proof this was racially motivated and part of the anti-cop movement supported by BLM

BLM activists have been active on social media for some time now calling for the death of white police officers. And even after the killing of Deputy Darren Goforth the Internet was ablaze with anti-white sentiment and the calls for more killings.

Obama maintained a deafening silence on the matter….disturbing.

There’s a very good reason Obama’s remaining silent, and it likely has to do with what his real priorities are.

Sowing seeds of discord.

There really is no other explanation, is there?

Michelle Jesse writing for Allen B West puts it perfectly when she wrote:

As we’ve written, President Obama’s choice of when to comment and when to stay silent speaks volumes — not about what’s important to our nation, but what’s important to HIS agenda. Black man shot by police officer fits his agenda, while white cop shot by black man does not. Being a leader to our nation in times of distress and division appears not to be part of this president’s agenda. So it’s no wonder the state of fracture our nation is in today.