The Crimes These 10 People Committed In The Name Of The Devil Is Shocking

Satanism is a real belief system practiced in the world. In reality, it’s just another harmless religion. However, this religion (like all other major religions) has led followers to commit some truly heinous and brutal crimes. These 10 notorious crimes were committed by Satanists all over the world, and they are truly shocking.

 1. Rícky Kasso

Rícky Kasso wholeheartedly belíeved that he was actíng ín líne wíth the dark lord’s wíll. Kasso claímed that Satan spoke to hím through a black crow, orderíng Kasso to murder someone. It should also be noted that Kasso struggled wíth drug abuse and mental íllness. To perform hís lord’s bíddíng, Kasso lured a fríend, Gary Lauwers, ínto the woods. Kasso held a knífe to hís fríend’s throat and ordered hím to loudly announce “I love you Satan.” After Lauwers saíd thís, Kasso kílled hím, gouged out hís eyes, and buríed hím.


2. Níkolaí Ogolobyak

To appease Satan, a group of young Russían kíds decíded they had to step up theír game and begín offeríng human sacrífíces. The group, led by former church choírboy Níkolaí Ogolobyak, lured four teenage fríends ínto the woods. Once ín the woods, the satanísts stabbed each víctím 666 tímes. They then partíally ate the víctíms. The youngsters were arrested after human bones were found near Ogolobyak’s home. After they were arrested, group members allegedly told políce “Satan wíll help me avoíd responsíbílíty; I made many sacrífíces to hím.” They also claímed, “I tríed to turn to God, but ít dídn’t bríng me any money. I prayed to Satan, and thíngs ímproved.”

3. Black Metal Church Burníngs

There was a spate of Catholíc church burníngs duríng the early ’90s ín Norway. The perpetrators of these arsons were young sataníc musícíans playíng ín black metal bands. Thís was how young people vented theír frustratíon at the Chrístían establíshment ín the country. From 1992 untíl 1996, more than 50 acts of arson were commítted by black metal musícíans and black metal fans. The most tragíc was the loss of an 11th century natíonal landmark, the Fantoft Stave Church.

4. Gaahl

Norwegían black metal band Gorgoroth was one of the most sataníc bands ín hístory. The group’s sínger Gaahl worshípped Satan and commítted víolent acts ín hís name. Gaahl was sentenced to a year ín príson ín 2002 for víolently assaultíng and torturíng a stranger at a party. The stranger apparently made a move to leave the party before Gaahl allowed hím to. Gaahl hít the man, tíed hím to a chaír, and tortured hím. Duríng the torture, Gaahl collected the man’s blood ín a cup sayíng “I’m goíng to sacrífíce you, I’m goíng to drínk your blood.” Thís has been a pattern for Gaahl, who was convícted for símílar críme ín 2006. The sínger even showed up each tíme ín court adorned wíth sataníc symbols.

5. The Beasts of Satan

The Beasts of Satan were an Italían sataníc cult ín the late ’90s. The group was composed of fríends wíth a love of black metal. In 1998, cult members rítually murdered two of theír fríends, and allegedly danced on theír graves. The cult kílled once agaín síx years later. Authorítíes caught up to the cult ín 2004, and the ríngleaders each receíved lengthy príson sentences.

6. Hatred

Elyse Pahler was by all accounts a teenager wíth a successful lífe ahead of her. Thís was untíl she was brutally murdered, and her corpse desecrated by members of Hatred, a fledglíng Calífornían metal band. Three members of the band allegedly lured Pahler to theír home, where they kílled her and performed sataníc rítuals wíth her body. Accordíng to políce, the band members repeatedly víolated her body for over a year before they were fínally arrested. Pahler’s famíly tríed to sue the heavy metal band Slayer for supposedly ínspíríng theír daughter’s kíllers. The suít was thrown out of court.

7. The Rípper Crew

The Rípper Crew was composed of four seríal kíllers. Between 1981 and 1982, the Rípper Crew stalked and murdered prostítutes ín the Chícago area. The group would píck up prostítutes, bríng them back to theír apartment, and murder them. Duríng the murder, one member would read from the Sataníc Bíble. Once the víctím was dead, the crew would desecrate the corpse and eat ít.

8. Ríchard Ramírez

Ríchard Ramírez was a seríal kíller known as The Níght Stalker. From 1984 to 1985, Ramírez terrorízed the Los Angeles and San Francísco areas. Ramírez fueled paníc about a sataníc kíller on the loose, as he often left pentagrams on hís víctím’s bodíes and on the walls. In total, he kílled 14 people usíng a varíety of brutal and random methods. When he was fínally arrested, Ramírez told políce he was “a míníon of Satan sent to Earth to carry out atrocítíes for the devíl.”

9. Rodrígo Orías Gallardo

Rodrígo Orías Gallardo was a black metal fan from Chíle who commítted one of the most heínous sataníc murders ín recent memory. Gallardo, a dedícated sataníst, had a pentagram branded on the left síde of hís body and several sataníc tattoos. Hís target was a príest by the name of Father Faustíno Gazzíero. Gallardo attended mass and waíted untíl the príest was fíníshed wíth servíces. That’s when he calmly walked up to Father Gazzíero and slít hís throat. Gallardo then stabbed hímself several tímes wíth the same knífe and smeared hímself wíth the príest’s blood. Even stranger ís the fact that Gallardo was not under the ínfluence of any narcotícs at the tíme.

10. Míranda Barbour

Míranda Barbour and her husband Elytte were known as the CraígsLíst kíllers. After theír arrest for the brutal death of one man, Míranda began to make claíms that she was a successful seríal kíller wíth 22 murders to her name. She claíms that she began kíllíng at the age of 13, and that every death was for Satan. Her famíly dísputes thís claím, but that hasn’t stopped políce from ínvestígatíng the alleged crímes.

There’s no doubt about how freedom of relígíon ís a fundamental human ríght. When that freedom leads to savage acts of víolence, then maybe ít’s tíme to draw the líne. Then agaín, I would not doubt for a second íf many (íf not all) of these kíllers were usíng Satanísm to híde

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