What I have concluded:

Long time friendships are ended when one grows intolerant of the others philosophy. I am referring to my friendship with a Democrat that has terminated our relationship at his request.

The Dispute:

I had pointed out that Afro-Americans are really Americans if they are born within the borders of these United States. The 14th amendment to the constitution says so. But my “former” friend, has taken um-bridge at my view.  Fair enough, but short sighted. I have offered him on numerous occasions the opportunity to justify his views. He has chosen to decline. For instance, as he was a Financial Adviser in the government of Federal Assistance, he could not name a single family that he had assisted out of poverty. Nor could he identify any family that he had actually helped out of Federal Assistance. So I must conclude he forged his career on perpetuating the sucking on the Federal tit.


I am fortunate to have known him. I am also fortunate to have found him out. He has defrauded the State of Michigan and its tax payers. Of course he would object to this, by claiming that it was Federal dollars he counciled them on obtaining via his employment by the State of Michigan.

Please offer condolences to a man I had admired but now find reprehensible.

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