Where have all the Honest People Gone

The reason for this post is because a long time friend has de-friended me. Why? he hasn’t told me. In fact I just found out when I attempted to send him an e-mail via Yahoo.com. The e-mail came back to me with: I don’t like you. And I was dropped from a contact list on Facebook. Yes he is a Black man. And I am white.

I did not take umbrage at his comments to his common government workers that I was his token white Rush Limbaugh. We continued to converse.

But when he was belaboring some African-American problems. I corrected him that African-Americans born here in the U.S. where not African-Americans they are Americans. It is not African at all. That I was not beholden to that view point. That if you are born in this country you are an American. Also, that the Africans that were brought over for the slave trade were blacks that were captured by the African black tribes in Africa for the slave traders that sold those people to the slave traders who sold them to the plantation owners of the south.

If the blacks of this nation fail to accept the true history they will be forever bound by their ignorance and mis perceptions And blame the whites for a false history.

William S. Gault

Fort Worth, Tx.


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